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On this page you will find information about the collected speed skaters from around the world. Each athlete is presented on a separate profile page or “business card”. In addition to general information, such as country of origin, coach, club, etc. are shown the personal- and seasonal bests, rankings and records listed in international competitions and national championships.

More content of the athletes profiles are a list of all (known) results categorized by seasons and competition type or the representation of competition results outlined by a diagram (development of results). The personal development of results is compared with international records (e.g. world records) at the end of the profile. In addition, each athlete result can compared with the results from any other athlete. This comparison is presented in a diagram, too.

All data were collected and assembled with great care. But unfortunately we are not immune from mistakes and some information are still missing or are not complete. Therefore we are very happy about every email with hints and completions.

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